A MENTAL health Webinar

5 Organizing Mindsets & Solutions You Can Tackle Today for a Stress-Free Tomorrow

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August 19th
12:00 CDT

Here is What You'll Learn

Learn how small daily decisions can truly make a long-term impact. Once you are taught how to make quality decisions, then your confidence in doing the action will be unleashed. It all impacts you experiencing that healthier, organized lifestyle you deserve today, not someday.

How to Control "The Clutter Virus"™

This virus spreads quickly and infects our mind + spaces fiercely...yet we can immunize ourselves! Learn how to look inward to identify and envision what you want your home and lifestyle to reflect. You will develop better awareness of your choices, handling tasks, and staying accountable.

Junk Drawer Makeover

Everyone’s got one, everyone needs one, not everyone needs to keep it “junky”. Why not store it with all your favorite go-to items and reduce your stress level every single day when you need to find something fast.

Become a "Master Gatekeeper"™

Recognize the power of what items are granted access to your home and what is not and why it matters. This new mindset is the game-changing component of breaking the cycle of frustrating fails and becoming a true Master Gatekeeper™.

Keeping a clean car while on-the-go

Whether you work from home, on the road, or shuttling family in between errands, the car can easily become a place of disorder. We will cover the top items every vehicle needs to have on hand no matter what the activity.

Unleash the dynamic "Decision Maker"™ within you

Clutter often develops for several reasons from lack of cognitive organizing skills, time management or decision fatigue. Once you understand the “why” of your current behavior and habits, then you can confidently tackle those daunting Piles of Purpose.

The ultimate work bag takes a workout

It can easily turn into a mosh pit of misfit items from loose cords to snack bar wrappers to ripped receipts. Learn how to make this important space that you take with you from home to class, work, meetings, family, the car, and back again.


About Danielle Wurth

Danielle Wurth is the Founder/CEO of Wurth Organizing, LLC as well as professional organizer, speaker, recovering perfectionist, and soccer mom. Since 2007, she and her team have used her psychology-centered approach to transforming over 1,200 lives of families and businesses. Her approachable organizing methods teach everyone the benefits of living a healthy, intentional organized lifestyle. Danielle and her team are honored to be the only Exclusive Brand Partner for the Container Store in Metro Phoenix. Her work has been featured in HGTV Magazine, Real Simple, and Parade Magazine. Danielle is also the bestselling author of Ignite the Organizer in You and Ignite the Organizer in Your Child which just launched in May 2020. Learn more at WurthOrganizing.com.

August 19th
12:00 CDT